WAVV does not now express , nor has ever expressed any political position and assumes an absolutely neutral position on all matters concerning political candidates and/or political issues.

​Facts About Political Advertising on Radio Stations:

WAVV, like all radio and TV stations, is obligated, by Federal law, to accept certain types of qualified political advertising for candidates and issues of national importance.

WAVV, like all radio and TV stations, by Federal law, must allow “reasonable access” to the air for candidates and issue advertising purpose.

WAVV, like all radio and TV stations, may not decline, censor, edit or otherwise interfere, in any way, with the content of these political advertising messages.

Complaints about any candidate or issue advertising messages must be directed to the source of the advertising message, NOT to WAVV. WAVV will provide contact information for these messages, if requested in writing and sent to the station via email or letter.

WAVV is a federally licensed radio station that is conducting its operations in accordance with current Federal rules and regulations. By law, persons may not threaten, harass or otherwise obstruct the operations or personnel of this or any other government licensed radio or TV station. These actions could lead to the arrest and prosecution of the offender to the fullest extent of the law.

The ownership and management of WAVV believes that fair and equitable access should be granted to all qualified political candidates and issues, whatever their viewpoint is, and WAVV station ownership and management assumes no political position or endorsement what so ever.